AI Blind Side Detection System

AWAI  is an innovative Artificial Intelligence Driver Assistance and Pedestrian Warning System. It can monitor two cameras simultaneously and will trigger an external speaker should a pedestrian or cyclist wander into a pre-set danger zone down the side or at the back of the vehicle depending on where the cameras are installed. It will also alert the driver via a beeper on a display mounted on the A pillar inside the cabin. The 2 camera images can also be displayed on a dash or roof mounted monitor in the cab for additional Driver assistance.

Video data of both the constant recording and danger zone trigger events can be separately recorded on to a 256G SD Card. When the card is full, it’ll overwrite the files. The AWAI unit has a 12v danger zone trigger output which can be used to trigger and record an event on an existing DVR or Tracking system for real time Call Centre monitoring.

A GPS signal is used for accurate time recording, and to determine the vehicles speed. The AWAI system can also be set to do automatic summer and winter “UK Daylight Savings” changes.

The AWAI unit can be set so the external speaker will be muted automatically at night to prevent noise pollution.
The product features shock resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance, radiation protection, simple appearance , easy installation , versatility , large SD card data storage and high reliability.

The system has been E Marked to Regulation 10, approval number E24*10R06/01*5147*00

* Camera not included, sold separately - product code: AWAICAM

* Voice speaker not included, sold separately - product code: GR01AI

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