Built on our trusted and reliable alarms, this new small unit packs a load of features. This compact alarm comes packed with an on-board bump sensor, central locking and now includes ultrasonic sensors. The Autowatch 280 will protect your vehicle inside and out. The units size allows it to be hidden and includes all the features and sensors you need to secure your vehicle.


The Autowatch 650 Security Systems is really simple to use and designed to give you years of trouble free operation. Made with the highest quality components and using state of the art technology you can be assured that your caravan is well protected.

Although this is the smallest alarm unit on the market do not be misled by its size. This compact alarm with built in bump sensor and on board central locking comes packed with more features than any other vehicle alarm system currently available.

This compact unit uses an intelligent bump sensor and not an ultrasonic for two reasons. Firstly, it is on board thus cuts down on installation time, secondly it alleviates the added hassle of finding a neat, functional place to mount an ultrasonic sensor.

The Autowatch 346RLi-Blue security system is ideal for the customer who wants a full featured security system, remote keyless entry and does not require a Thatcham Category 1 approved System. The Autowatch 346 RLi Blue system includes a vivid blue dash-mount warning LED (alarm status light) and a blue LED's in both remotes.

The Autowatch 695CAN alarm is a Thatcham approved CAT 2-1 upgrade alarm system, designed to be used on full CAN Bus, semi CAN Bus or conventional wiring systems. The 695CAN alarm can be fitted to any compatible new  vehicle that requires an alarm.

The Autowatch 457RLi /T is a comprehensive remote alarm immobiliser security system offering maximum security and all the comfort features a customer would ever require, with ease of operation being one of its key selling features and up to 6 wireless sensors (PIR & or Reed switch).

The Autowatch 458RL /T remote alarm system has all the features and facilities of the Autowatch 457RLi/T CAT1 system except that it does not have immobilisation.

If your vehicle has a factory fitted remote locking system, you can convert it into a full alarm system with the Autowatch 375 CLAM. The existing key-fob remote 'plip' will continue to lock and unlock your car as normal, but will simultaneously control the Autowatch 375 CLAM alarm system to provide additional protection for your vehicle and valuables.

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