Thatcham category S5 is the highest certification awarded by Thatcham for insurance approved vehicle tracking. The S5 is equipped with Driver Identification through the D-iD app available for Apple and Android devices or the Driver Detection Bluetooth (DRS) cards. All S5 and S5+ devices come with full website tracking features. The system will alert you if your vehicle is towed, if the main battery is disconnected, if the main battery voltage is low, or if the vehicle is moved without the D-iD app or Driver Detection cards are with the vehicle.

Suitable for all land based vehicles, including cars, motorhomes, HGV, plant, and farm equipment.

All S5 and S5+ devices have the following features:

  • IP67 rated hardware
  • Three year warranty (extendible to four years)
  • Fully transferable* (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Free Global Telemetrics app for current vehicle location
  • Free D-iD app for driver identification
  • Secure full fleet online account
  • 12V and 24V vehicle compatible
  • Theft assistance and recovery 24/7 with our partner Global Telemetrics
  • Internal backup battery
  • Optional vehicle alarm sounding alert* (install dependent)

In addition to all of the above the S5+ includes immobilisation that can be activated upon police request.

These systems are tested to Thatcham TSC standard. They operate using GPS/GLONASS positioning and GSM/GPRS communication. The internal 3-axis motion sensor and battery voltage monitoring system help to detect malicious behaviour. The internal battery backup allows operation even if the vehicle battery has been disconnected. All installed units come with a TQA/TSC certificate that has details of the device and Thatcham approval, these are recognised by all UK insurance companies.

Monitoring is provided with the support of our partners at the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre. This state-of-the-art facility is active all day, everyday, and is monitoring for any suspicious activity. A member of the team will call you if you vehicle is moved without authorisation or any other suspicious activity is detected.

Full Fleet online features:

The Autowatch S5 and S5+ systems give you access to a secure online portal with loads of additional features:

  • Automatically generated scheduled reports sent via emails
  • Vehicle grouping to help you organise a fleet of vehicles
  • Notifications for low battery, battery disconnects, specified speed limit infringements
  • Reports that includes trip start/stop and mileage for given time and date ranges
  • Multiple user login with varying access levels
  • Geofencing of exclusion zones or notification of entry to specified location
  • Business and private mileage reports
  • Driving style and safety reports for fleet management

Installation costs recommended retail price:

ATT S5 D-iD £ 599*
ATT S5 DRS £ 699*
ATT S5+ D-iD with immobilisation  £ 799*
ATT S5+ DRS with immobilisation £ 899*

Subscription costs:

Device Annual 2 years 3 years Duration Direct Debit

Direct debit with warranty

ATT S5 D-iD £ 159* £ 269* £ 369* £ 649* £ 13.99* £ 17.49*
ATT S5+ D-iD £ 199*  £ 329* £ 429* £ 749* £ 17.49* £ 20.99* 
ATT S5 DRS  £ 159* £ 269* £ 369* £ 649* £ 13.99* £ 17.49*
ATT S5+ DRS  £ 199* £ 329* £ 429* £ 749* £ 17.49* £ 20.99*

*Prices subject to change without notice on this site.

*Installation dependent options must be discussed with the installer before proceeding with the installation as some vehicles are not compatible with immobilisation and/or alarm sounding alerts.

*De-installation and reinstallation cost as well as subscription costs are involved when changing vehicles, costs may vary.

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