Prevent Incidents with Pedestrians & Cyclists

With the increase of fuel costs and views on health and fitness, more and more cyclists and pedestrians are sharing the roads with our vehicles. With this and the blind spots down the nearside on larger vehicles, the dangers of accidents causing injury and deaths has increased.

We have all had it where a cyclist will nip up the inside between the curb and the vehicle. If this is not seen by the driver then the cyclist is virtually invisible.

If the vehicle is turning left, the driver is only aware of the cyclist when he pops out in front when the traffic lights change to green.

Often cyclists are not aware when they nip up the inside of a vehicle, that it is turning left at a set of traffic lights

Cyclists are not the only ones in danger. Pedestrians always seem to be in a hurry and often step up too close to the curb and sometimes onto the road. They too don't understand that a large vehicle turning the corner can often cut across the curb.

The Autowatch AASDS Pedstrian / Cyclist Detection system is an ultrasonic sensor system specifically designed to be a warning system not only for the driver but also to make the cyclist aware of a turning vehicle.

Using an ultrasonic detection system, it can give the driver adequate warning time to adjust his manoeuvre. The pedestrians and cyclists will get an optional warning too, to allow them to step back and to move away from a dangerous position.


How it Works

The SDS Pedestrian / Cyclist Detection system is a modern detection system using ultrasonic technology specifically designed for commercial vans, HGV's and lorries. When the vehicle slows to around 10 Mph, and the left indicator is turned on, the system will flash the internal display to show turn "On", then just monitors that area until a cyclist or object is detected or until the vehicle's speed increases over 10 Mph or the indicator is turned off.

The SDS System can announce one external spoken message " Warning, vehicle turning left " when the left indicator then continues to monitor the area from the front nearside of the rear wheels and out to a distance of 800mm.

If a cyclist is detected, it then warns the driver visually through our traffic light display and then finally with an audible tone as the distance between the cyclist and the side of the vehicle decreases to less than 400mm.

The optional external voice siren will repeat the warning message for as long as the cyclist or object is being detected.

The system is designed to offer the driver an awareness of any pedestrians or objects whilst turning left and that the driver should still use caution when performing the manoeuvre.

The SDS system consists of 4 Ultrasonic sensor eyes (all 4 to be mounted on the nearside of the vehicle from the nearside bumper / step and wheel arch), a display with internal piezo tone buzzer (to be mounted on the A-Pillar, at side mirror height, facing towards the driver's position), a Control Module (to be mounted behind the dash) and an optional Voice Warning Speaker Siren under the cab.

All detection zones are approximate due to the shape of the object, installation position of the sensors and reflected signal may mislead the detecting sensor. In order to get a more accurate detection value, please try to test varied objects in different angles when installing.

An optional external synthesized speaker siren can be added to the system to warn pedestrians and cyclists of the vehicle when turning left at a set of traffic lights.

  • Reduce vehicle downtime
  • Reduce downtime of operators
  • Driver awareness is increased through detection and helps improve their ability to judge distances from vehicle to objects
  • Additional focus is placed on the area of the vehicle being a potential hazard
  • Helps in reducing the blind spot area by offering a detection system with internal and external warnings


Wiring Diagram



To give best coverage to detect pedestrians and cyclists, the forward sensor is mounted into the nearside wheel arch section at a height no closer than 450mm from the ground. The forward centre sensor to be mounted on the nearside forward corner of the body. The rear sensor to be mounted above or just in front of the rear wheels and the forward rear sensor to be mounted between the rear and forward sensors.

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