The driver blows into the wireless alcohol sensor (WAB) to verify that they are under the legal limit, which will release the immobiliser allowing the vehicle to start. Drivers who are over the legal limit will be prevented from starting their vehicles by the unit remaining immobilised.

The WAB is small and discreet allowing it to be installed without having the need to mount a tethered unit inside the vehicle. 

The WAB can be configured to lock out or allow multiple resets to release the immobiliser thus allowing a driver to wait until their blood alcohol level drops and blow into the sensor again. If the Re-test Feature is selected then at predefined intervals the system will require a new breath sample to be provided. This ensures that the drivers are re-tested at random while on route.

All sample information and failures are stored in a non volatile memory with date and time stamp. If a failure occurs this can be automatically communicated if the optional GSM module is connected.

The WAB is fully removable from the vehicle allowing it to be kept warm in the coldest winters reducing starting time.

All parameters in the WAB and VBS are configurable to meet operating requirements.



System Features

  • Dash mount Interlock status LED (Driver Change Switch)
  • Driver random testing facility - Selectable at installation
  • Vehicle restart time as per required interval - Selectable at installation
  • Driver change facility - ensuring that the new driver is tested
  • "ECCM" electronic counter circumvention measure to distinguish between mechanical simulated breath sample and human breath sample
  • Three safe and secure override facilities for unseen situations to ensure vehicle mobility
  • GSM module for remote reporting - optional
  • Configurable to integrate into a vehicle's fleet management or tracking system or to an optional GSM Module
  • 12/24 Volt vehicle operation - selectable
  • Can serve as a security device
  • Wireless making it portable
  • Fully automatic and simple to use with interactive touch screen display "PASS" "FAIL" & "Please take sample"
  • Fuel Cell Technology for greater stability and accuracy
  • Fast accurate analysis with high specificity to alcohol
  • Ergonomic design
  • Individually hygienically wrapped low cost mouthpieces
  • Memory storage capacity of up to 4000 test results with date and time stamp including alcohol breath concentrate, pass and fail
  • Once off and re programmable emergency override facility
  • PIN activated supervisor menu allowing fleet managers to view and monitor user results
  • PIN activated service menu quick access to view and preset parameters
  • Data download facility to a PC or a PALM
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery capable of up to +/- 300 breath samples
  • Service /Valet mode selectable via PIN
  • Multi Language
  • CANBus compatable

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