279 Compact Alarm
279 Compact Alarm
Although this is the smallest alarm unit on the market do not be misled by its size. This compact alarm
with built in bump sensor and on board central locking comes packed with more features than any other
vehicle alarm system currently available

This compact unit uses an intelligent bump sensor and not an ultrasonic for two reasons. Firstly, it is on
board thus cuts down on installation time, secondly it alleviates the added hassle of finding a neat,
functional place to mount an ultrasonic sensor


1)     On board central locking
2)     Built in Bump sensor
3)     Memory Report Back
4)     Anti-hijack
5)     Early Warning
6)     Auto Arming Alarm
7)     Door open Indication
8)     Silent Arm and Disarm (selectable)
9)     Sensitivity for bump set via remote
10)   Auto Rearm with a lock Function
11)   Lock and Unlock with ignition
l12)  Lock and  Unlock with remote
         while ignition is on.